n the 15th of December, 2015, Martyrs of Uganda/St. Lwanga High School received Tunza Regional Ambassador to Ghana, Joshua Amponsem, for a climate lecture with focus on children involvement in climate action and green life style with lessons from “Understanding Climate Change” – a course offered by a Young Africa Leadership Initiative.

Tweets preceding the event

Tweets preceding the event


The idea of a lecture at the school was hatched through Climate Change interactions on Twitter with an Eco-Generation member, environmentalist and a member of staff of Martyrs, Mr. Osei Sylvester. He led me to the principal office where I introduced myself again and received a warm welcome from the principal and other staff of the school.


From Left: Sylvester Osei, Joshua Amponsem and Sir Dave Druyeh (Principal)..

After about 30 minutes of introductions, I was led to the computer lab of the school. The place was well prepared and the students were ready to learn about climate change and how they can use Tunza Eco-generation to fight climate action. The lecture was interactive and excerpts were ‘tweeted’ with the hashtag #YaliGoesGreen #ClimateChange.

The lecture highlighted on the science, effects and solution to combating climate change. Keywords in climate change education such as Green House Gases, Fossil Fuel, Renewable Energy, Adaptation and Mitigation were explained prior to the lecture.


After the climate lecture, I explained to the children the benefits of being a member of Tunza and how possible it is for them to connect with hundreds of their peers online who are working towards a green future for planet Earth.

I also taught the students how to sign up for Tunza and participate in all events, activities and other resourceful opportunities available on Tunza. For those who were below 13 years, Fun World is readily available and I encouraged all of them to join and benefit from such a great initiative.

At the end of the event, the staff congratulated me for spending time with their students to enlighten them on climate change – one the planet’s greatest threat.

WP_20151215_013  WP_20151215_016

I addressed about 60 students, of ages 12-16 years. My personal vision is to see one of these kids join the Global Youth Eco-Leadership Summit someday.

Thank you, Green Africa Youth Organization, Young Africa Leadership Initiative and Tunza Eco-generation for your continuous support towards green action.


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