Earlier today, I visited New Edudiase District Assembly School with my eco-friend, Jacqueline Ezah, to talk about Global Warming and to introduce Tunza Eco generation to the students.

Upon arrival, I spent time with the staff to elaborate on few global facts concerning our warming climate as well as relating those facts to recent flooding and food security issues in Ghana.

Afterwards, I met with about 70 upper class students for the talk. First, I talked about the science of global warming – laying more emphasis on Greenhouse Gases and the Greenhouse effect. Most often, GHG and Greenhouse effect is not well explained by teachers to their students. This visit was an exemplary one.

Not more than 5 students out of the 70 were able to mention an example of a Greenhouse gas neither were they able to explain the greenhouse effect. I spend about 15 minutes to explain heat trap mechanism of the greenhouse effect and how increasing carbon and other GHG gases are increasing global temperatures. There was no electricity or projector available to show a video of the world?s melting polar ice or historical trends of increasing global temperature but I was able to give them an illustrative glimpse of how it looks like if about 1,000km of thick ice melts into rivers and oceans.

Following that, I talked about energy efficiency and tree planting as an alternative way they can practice to keep our earth from dying. They showed enthusiastic support to the suggestions and contributed significantly to ways of combating global warming. Some students added that riding bicycle to school, and dumping refuse properly is a good way to contribute to our fight against global warming.

To end the show, I requested that one student should summarise everything I have taught them during the talk. Solomon Eshun, a student in the class, surprised me by summarising everything I said during the talk. Voluntarily, I have decided to award Solomon Eshun with a brand new school bag.



Talking to students


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