Awarding Young Environmental Enthusiast

Right before noon today, just around 11:00 GMT, I had the awesome opportunity to present my promise to this brilliant and most participating student during my recent global warming education at the New Edubiase District Assembly Junior High School which I shared the report just last week.
In my report on my Global Warming Education visit to the school, I mentioned on how the students were so misinformed and ignorant on Greenhouse gases. Almost the entire school populous had no good meaning for GHG or Greenhouse effect – only 5 out of 70 students were able to give an example of GHGs.
After educating them on Global Warming at the school, I requested that one student should summarise everything I have taught them during the talk. Solomon Eshun, a student in the class, surprised me by summarising everything I said during the talk. He touched on all the important aspects of GHG, Greenhouse effect and how it relates to global warming. The young boy also mentioned on modernization and urbanization during his summary.
Having demonstrated this effort, I voluntarily decided to award Solomon Eshun with a brand new school bag.

Today, I was there to hand over his lovely leather bag to him right in front of his peers. He has received the motivation to be a young environmentalist and I have endorsed him an eco-leaner in the school. Periodically, I will contact the school to track his performance as an environmentalist and eco-leaner. I am proud that I could do this. Thank you and try to do same.

class presentation2 with Solomon Eshum present presentation

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