On Friday, 29th July 2016, I was at another community school to talk about Global Warming and how it relates to climate change. This is my last education program on Global Warming before I prepare my Global Warming report. For this community school, I focused more on climatic effects of Global Warming on the community while illustrating much larger/global impacts of Climate Change.
The headmistress of the school was very happy that I chose their school among the many schools within the Amudurasi communtiy. Upon starting my presentation, I asked so many questions regarding environment, global warming, and climate change. Their response was quiet good, I was surprised that some of the students even mentioned fossil fuels and renewables prior to my presentation.
Noting that the students had fore knowledge on GHG and fossil fuels, I went straight ahead to explain how GHG and fossil fuel burning contributes to global warming. It was very interesting and I got excited to award the most exceptional student and also announce him as an eco-leaner.
As I went ahead with the presentation, I explored with the students and we came to a conclusion that irregular rainfall pattern, acid rain, and excess warmth in the atmosphere are the major impacts of global warming in Amudurasi. Occupation in Amudurasi is dominated by farming, and cutting trees for firewood and thus, I highlighted that they are contributing massively to Global Warming if they do not replace the trees they cut.

More so, most of the students expressed that current temperatures are usually between 30 – 35 degrees celcius, a very warm temperature. I also shared in my experience how tiring it was to walk about 30 minutes under the sun while getting to the school premises – the weather was hot and I was full of sweat.
Later on, I mentioned hunger, poverty, migration, flooding, tsunamis, hurricane, sea level rise, and etc as other global impacts of Global Warming.
To conclude, I selected the most participating student to summarize all that I have taught them during my presentation. He was able to talk about Global Warming in his own words and I was very pleased. I have decided to award him a Samsung Branded 8 Gigabyte Pendrive. I will visit his school later this week and give him his award and announce the second Eco-Leaner in Ghana. I am hopeful to establish Tunza Club in Ghana through this initiative.

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