My Tweet Chat on Climate Change

On the 10th of August 2016, I was hosted by  Climate Change Initiative of Africa to discuss the causes and impact of climate change to a global audience on Twitter. With the hashtag #CHAINafrica, over 40 people were actively engaged with the discussion.

Please find below the tweets I shared with the audience.

  1. Thank you @ClimateChange54 and everyone who is here to learn more about #ClimateChange. I am very pleased to be sharing my story with you. 
  2. Thank you @@skosei001 @ for having me. @rasbugri @DorrenDorys @BalrajArpit I acknowledge your presence.
  3. @AmponsemJoshua is a climate advocate and an environmental scientist from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. #CHAINafrica
  4. #ClimateChange refers to a long-term significant change in the Earth’s climate – mainly temperature, over several decades. #CHAINafrica
  5. Major changes that factors in #ClimateChange includes #Temperature, #Precipitation, #Wind Patterns, #Humidity. #CHAINafrica
  6. Importantly, #ClimateChange can occur Naturally ( eg. by volcanos) & also by artificial activities – man made. #CHAINafrica
  7. How & when did mankind cause #ClimateChange? Any ideas? Think?#CHAINafrica
  8. Beginning the 20th century, man decided to advance – urbanize & modernize. That’s when it begun. Eg. Burning #FossilFuel! #CHAINafrica

9.The results of Urbanization & #Modernization was & is an increase in atmospheric Greenhouse Gases #GHGs. #CHAINafrica

  1. Through urbanization we utilized more Earth resources and altered the planet’s Greenhouse Effect! #CHAINafrica Then #GlobalWarming begun.
  2. When the sun shines on earth, some is reflected & some becomes heat via #GHGs. #CHAINafrica
  3. The trapping of heat from sunlight by GHGs is naturally designed to keep the average surface temp of Earth🌏 around 14▫C.#CHAINafrica
  4. Without GHGs (CFC, CO2, Sulphur Oxides, HFC, methane, etc), the average surface temp of Earth would be -19▫C (very cold). #CHAINafrica
  5. Meaning that, we cannot survive without GHGs and we also cannot survive if they exceed too much background concentrations. #CHAINafrica
  6. Simply put, the higher #GHGs concentration, the #hotter the Earth will be. #CHAINafrica
  7. What is the data behind all these talk on #ClimateChange? Share with me if you have any data regarding #GlobalWarming #CHAINafrica
  8. June 2016 was the hottest June in modern history & the 14th consecutive month that heat records have been broken. #CHAINafrica
  9. World Bank analysis: Ignoring #ClimateChange can put 100million more pple into poverty by 2030 – 43million will be in Africa. #CHAINafrica
  10. Just as the risks of #ClimateChange are immense, so are the rewards of #ClimateAction if we invest in our people & our Earth. #CHAINafrica




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