Sacred Seed: A must read book for every young ecologist.

To every young ecologist in the word:
I will take the honor to introduce to you this amazing book titled “Sacred Seed”.
During my stay in Marrakech, I spent time with some of the world’s greatest ecologist and spiritual leaders. I received this book (Sacred Seed) from the executive director of Global Peace Initiative of Women – Marianne Marstrand. I have almost done reading the book and I must confess that it is one of the amazing books you can ever resort to when you seem not to understand the growing behavior humans and our uncompassionate attitude towards other life forms.
Sacred Seed is a collection of notes and thoughts from 35 spiritual and ecological activists across the globe and quotes from 26 global environmental leaders including Dena Marriam (Founder, Global Peace Initiative of Women), Chief Tamale Bwoya (Mugema of the Buganda Kingdom, Uganda), Bill McKibben (Founder,, James Hansen (Former Director, NASA), Danielle Nierenberg (President, Food Tank), Dr. Aliaa Rafea (Professor of Anthropology at Ain Shams University).
The book looks at the life seeds gives to the planet. How a giant tree is conceived in a tiny seed but under the right conditions, it gradually emerge and becomes a shade and a habitat for many other organisms. A seed is the life of our planet but if we keep modifying seeds and take their life away from them changes their genetic make-up and make seed a profit making material then, we are destroying the life of our planet.
My favorite quotes from the book:
‘Seeds are not human invention but represent millions of years of biological evolution’ – Sufi Rehman
‘We humans often perceive plants, animals, birds, and other life-forms as lacking consciousness, relating them to primal instinct. It is not so’ – Tiokasin Ghosthorse.
‘Tree lies waiting in the seed, and when the circumstances are right, it grows out and reveals itself in the world. This is obvious for all to see and verify. What is not obvious, is how an entire massive and gigantic tree can hide within this tiny fragile seed’ – Sraddhalu Ranade.
I can spend the whole day taking about Sacred Seed. It is an enlightenment on how money, religion, science, and diverse beliefs have ripped apart the life bestowed in all life forms.  You can purchase this book on Amazon for just $18. (
From right: Venerable Chang Ji, Venerable Bante, Sraddhalu Ranade, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Chief Tamale (Contributors to the book – Sacred Seed).

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