My Journey as Tunza Ambassador


In 2015, I was selected as Tunza Eco-generation ambassador to Ghana. The ambassador task is given to young people working on environmental related issues in their local communities and the task assigned to me was very simple, undertake one environmental activity each month and share the report on the Samsung Engineering and UNEP Tunza networking platform. Prior to being selected as the ambassador, I had demonstrated a big interest in educating young people (mostly junior high school students) on the pressing need for their involvement in environmental protection and sustainability. Taking on the task as a Tunza ambassador, I was super excited to use my activities in Ghana to inspire other young people across the world.

I still remember my first activity in September 2015, where I launched a campaign against plastics in a local community and educated them on the effects of plastics in their coastal ecosystem. Following that, I organized several education events for students and I started the eco-learners series where I awarded the most enthusiastic students with gifts. In 2016, I extended my term of ambassadorship for the 2nd and 3rd term as I kept meeting amazing people on the platform. I kept building intense connection with some ambassadors and it was amazing knowing that there are other young people who are passionate about the environment just as I am.

Arushi Madan and Bindu Bhandari, my favourite ambassadors; these young ladies have proven and inspired many young people through their commitment to protecting our planet. Other young ambassadors, including Xilola Kayumova, Ashtha Lamsal are not as old as I am but are driving change in their community through the opportunity provided by Tunza.

Today, as Tunza announce me as the best Ambassador for their ambassador program for over the recent term, I am filled with joy that my time as an ambassador affected the passion and interest of other young people to do more for nature. Although, I am no longer an ambassador, I look forward to staying in touch with the lovely people on the Tunza platform and offer my support as a mentor, a friend, and an activist for nature. Thank you, Tunza! Thank you, Samsung Engineering! Thank you, UNEP!


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