Plastic Pollution in Ghana Joshua

Power Shift Ghana 2018: End Plastic Pollution.

On World Environmental Day 2018, I was excited to share with about 200 young people the origin of plastics, how it pollutes our environment, the effects on human health and simple steps they can take to reduce their dependency on single-use plastics.

The session which lasted for about 45 minutes had a huge impact on everyone who attended Power Shift Ghana 2018 and it was a moment for individuals to make a commitment to ditch disposable plastic products.

Below is the presentation I used during the session. Have a read and ask me any question on how to live a plastic-free life. Ultimately, together with Green Africa Youth Organization and the entire Youth Environmental Movement, we hope to create a sustainable and healthy country through our #PlasticFreeGhana campaign.

2 thoughts on “Power Shift Ghana 2018: End Plastic Pollution.

  1. Tony

    Hello Joshua
    How are u doing
    I really love ur piece on banning on plastics
    I do admire the sentiment that followed
    Infact am an environmental activist like ur type also moving on that same cycle and possibly pushing for a ban of single use plastics.
    If Rwanda has been able to ban single use of plastics
    Then Ghana which is 100 times better than Rwanda can also ban single use of plastics
    Save the environment alliance is a group willing to push for a ban of single plastics and we pray it’s works
    Please feel free to contact and let liase for such move.



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