In November 2017, during the COP23 in Bonn, Synnove Gimse and I launched the ‘Youth and Climate Podcast‘ with our first interview focusing on the role of young delegates during the COP.  If you are doing something interesting and innovative towards climate action, send us a message or leave a comment and we will get in touch.

How it Started:

Following COP22 in Marrakech, I made a decision to volunteer on the Communications Team of the International Youth Climate Movement (IYCM) – a global network platform for young people working on climate-related issues. My priority for volunteering was mainly to increase the participation of young climate enthusiasts from the global south on international platforms.

After successfully playing an active role on the platform, I was given the opportunity to serve on the Comms team with Synnove from Norway who had also expressed interest in supporting the Comms team. After bouncing off different ideas and keeping members of the network updated during the Climate Change conference (SB-47) in May 2017, Synnove and I decided to launch a podcast which will showcase the work of young people on Climate Change.

The Pilot:

Having faced the challenges involved with managing social platforms of such a large network and answering so many questions young people had regarding local environment and climate issues and relating them to global actions, we realized the need to demonstrate the role of young people in global climate events (such as the COP) as well as what others who cannot attend these events are doing locally to support the global environmental crisis. The plan is to produce one podcast every two months.

Episode 1:  In this episode, we were at the UN climate negotiations COP23 in Bonn. We talked with Nisreen al Sayeem (Sudan, Global South) about Action for Climate Empowerment and gender in the climate negotiations. We also asked people what was their worst and best moments at COP23. Listen to hear their answers! https://soundcloud.com/youthandclimatepodcast/youth-at-cop23

Episode 2:  This time we are talking to Vebjørn Stafseng (Norway). He is 25 years old and passionate about urban farming! Listen to learn more about how to start an urban farm. We as well asked a question: what will you grow if you were to start an urban farm?

Episode 3In this episode, Joshua met up with Katrin Schūler who is running a plastic free shop in Munich, Germany. Listen to her story about building a plastic-free business and why she is doing it. If are not sure whether it is possible to live without plastics, just send us an email and we will guide you to #breakfreefromplastics