GPIW: Inner Dimensions of Climate Change, Marrakech 2016

The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change 2016 gathered young professionals and practitioners of ecology in Africa together with global spiritual leaders to dialogue on the inner relations of people (including societies, religion, believes, etc.) and how this is essential in fighting the big war humans have spurred with nature. Despite using moral suasion as a strategy during my numerous environmental education programs in Ghana, attending this retreat as a delegate was quiet extraordinary. I had little knowledge on how inner connections and spiritual beliefs influence the conscience of people to live in harmony with Mother Earth, although religion plays a functional role in moral suasion – where I hold people responsible for being stewards of Earth based on the teachings of their religion.

The five day dialogue commenced with a deep interaction between individuals at the retreat and their inner connection with nature. Senior mentors and spiritual leaders shared their inner recognition and relationship with nature (plants, animals, the sun, the moon, water, etc). This was a beautiful session as it helped many delegates including myself to realize their connection with nature through many essential activities and thoughts. Jana Long told a story about her connection with plants and flowers; Ahmed Kasirye mentioned how he could communicate to plants and animals; I furthered to share my connection with water – I elaborated on the strength I receive from nature whenever I spent time beside a water body; similarly, Dena Merrium also shared her experience with the Ganga river in India. There were many stories to share, and more personal relations to nature were discussed among delegates during breaks.

Following that, Tiokasin Ghothorse, an indigenous and spiritual leader revealed the strength of languages as a medium through which living beings have been regarded as objects.  In order for the world’s population to see the importance and the need to preserve nature, we must first understand the component of our planet. In many of his speeches, he reiterated how we have condemned the life in water, seeds, and even the food we eat via calling these “living beings” as object. In their native language, water is referred to as (paraphrased) ‘that which connects life through all life forms’ – this brings consciousness and life rather than being called water (an object). As an indigenous Sundancer from the Lakota Nation of South Dakota, he mentioned how their native language has no words like property, and dominion. These words triggers the human conscience to take dominion of nature rather than being stewards of nature.

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The next blogpost highlights on the youth perspective of climate change in Africa, indigenous knowledge, and other faith/cultural based practices that unites humanity with nature.


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